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Beit Tefillati: An Introduction to the Places and Promises of Prayer

Instructor: Rob Vanhoff

This mini-course is an introduction to the Scripture’s overall portrayal of prayer in its various aspects, as it has pertained to the lives of God’s covenant people from ancient times unto the present. Its aim is to provide students an opportunity to obtain greater clarity on what prayer is and what it is not, and how proper prayer is a crucial obligation for Yeshua’s flock. The Bible is therefore the central text of this study.

Among the desired outcomes of this mini-course are: an encouragement for participants to strengthen their own personal prayer life, a refined appreciation of its precious value, a heightened commitment to persevere in the discipline of Biblical prayer.

I encourage you to take notes throughout these lectures, with an emphasis on capturing personal reflections. Occasionally pausing the video to hand-write ideas and questions greatly increases engagement and retention. You can use your own notebook or download the Session worksheets provided.

Rob Vanhoff, Instructor

Knowledge Check Quiz

Print out the quiz. Please complete it before watching any of the lectures, and then again afterwards. Consider using a different color ink or pencil the second time through. Finally, watch the video below where the instructor goes over each question.



Requirement and Necessity, Hebrew and Greek terminology, Circumstances for Prayer in Ancient times and Today

Overview Worksheet

Audio Only:

Private Prayer (Session 1)

What we learn from Yeshua and how to apply it

Session 1 Worksheet

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Prayer with other Believers (Session 2)

Examples from Scripture and application in our own life

Session 2 Worksheet

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Prayer in the Temple (Session 3)

Priestly service, sacrifice, and the centrality of Jerusalem

Session 3 Worksheet

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Where are We Now? (Session 4)

Prayer today and its importance in the believer’s life

Session 4 Worksheet

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Knowledge Check Quiz (Recap)

Print out the quiz if you haven’t already. Complete it after watching all the lectures and then watch the video below where the instructor goes over each question.


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