Five Arguments Against the Flat Earth

Who would have thought that in our modern world of wireless technologies, satellite communications and space exploration that we would have to address the idea that the earth is flat? Unfortunately, this incredibly false teaching has penetrated the Messianic/Hebrew Roots Movements and is spreading rapidly, misleading many. In this brief article, Spike Psarris refutes the flat earth claim with five easy to understand and carefully explained arguments.

Is the Torah Only for Jews?

This paper is a response to the “Definition of Messianic Judaism” by the Union of Messianic Jewish Congregations. In this study I want to deal with a belief not only held by some in mainline Christian theologies, but also heard from teachers within ‘Messianic Judaism.’ This is the view that the Torah is the special […]

Some Responses to Nehemia Gordon’s Rejoinder

This paper continues a debate between Tim Hegg and Nehemia Gordon concerning Matthew 23. This specific paper is a response to Gordon’s rejoinder. In it Hegg clarifies several points, and suggests that Gordon has not been as upfront with his audience as he perhaps should be. Hegg focuses on the texts employed by Gordon and the fact that these texts do not make up the majority of good sources on the subject. Especially relevant is the work Hegg has done on the Hebrew Matthew. As a result, Hegg’s knowledge of the Matthew DuTillet and the Even Bohan shine through in this response. 

Why Nehemiah Gordon is Wrong about the Tetragrammaton (the Sacred Name)

In his paper Tim Hegg challenges Nehemiah Gordon’s conclusions, that he has discovered the ancient pronunciation of the Tetragrammaton, יהוה. Gordon contends that a number of times the scribes of the Aleppo Codex mistakenly wrote the actual vowels of יהוה. They did this, according to Gordon, when ever the Tetragrammaton appears with three vowels, i.e., יְהוָֹה, and from this Gordon concludes that the ancient pronunciation must be Yehovah. Especially relevant, Gordon’s has disregarded a grammatical rule to which the Masoretes adhered, and Hegg points this out from clear examples in the Aleppo Codex itself.

Looking at 119 Ministries and the Copper Scroll (Part 2): A Response to Jim Barfield

In part one of this series, Caleb Hegg wrote about some of the blatant errors put forward by 119 Ministries and the Copper Scroll project. Jim Barfield, president of the Copper Scroll Project responded to the first paper. In Part 2, Hegg address Barfield’s response. Barfield attempts to downplay the lack of source evidence, along with the grammatical issues Hegg has brought up. Beyond this, Barfield shows a total lack of knowledge in the Hebrew language, even going to “Google Translate” for help. Consequently, Hegg shows the fantastic claims of the CSP to be nothing more than a wild goose chase.

Looking at 119 Ministries and the Copper Scroll (Part 1): A Response to Jim Barfield

In this hard hitting article, Caleb Hegg looks at the claims by Jim Barfield of the Copper Scroll Project (CSP), and 119 Ministries. CSP has made some fantastic claims concerning the lost treasures of the temple, suggesting they could be found at Qumran. Hegg looks at the claims, along with looking at the Hebrew of the Copper Scroll. Hegg shows that the timeline put forward by CSP and 119 Ministries do not line up. Furthermore, Hegg shows that both 119 Ministries and CSP have totally disregarded the Hebrew grammar within the scroll. Especially relevant is CSP’s total disregard for the opinion of leading archeologists.

Upholding One Torah: Those who Oppose us Still don’t get it!

This short article was written as a response to both the IAMCS Steering Committee and Daniel Juster of Tikkun Ministries International who have recently written public statements attacking One Torah teaching as being contrary to Scripture and promoting Replacement Theology.

Properly Defining Sola Scriptura

Jacob Franczak’s article entitled “The Five Solas: Sola Scriptura” (Messiah Journal #111, FFOZ) proposes to do away with these pillars of the Protestant Reformation beginning with the first of the five, “Sola Scriptura,” Latin for “The Scriptures Alone.” Unfortunately, Fanczak apparently has never studied the Reformers’ own definition of this doctrine, and so he creates his own “straw-man” version and sets out to knock this fabricated scarecrow down. In this short article (2 1/2 pages) Hegg gives the historic definition of “Sola Scriptura” and shows where Franczak has missed the mark.

Tickling Ears or the Biblical Wow Factor

In this article, Tim Hegg looks at a teaching by D. Thomas Lancaster (FFOZ) in which he finds hidden meaning within Esther. Lancaster suggests that finding the hidden meaning in Esther 9:7-9 prophesied the execution of 10 Nazi criminals. Hegg looks at the method used, and the claims made and challenges this view. In conclusion, Hegg suggests this kind of Bible study is an attempt to find the “biblical wow factor.” Hegg compares various texts of the Esther passage, showing the error of searching out hidden meaning…