Show #034 – Breaking Fellowship

The guys talk about unity within the Messianic movement. Should we strive for unity with those we disagree with theologically? How far off base does a person have to be before we say I can’t fellowship with you? Later in the show the guys talk about the Hebrew Language. Is it a “holy” language? Or … Read more

Show #033 – The Harbinger

The guys talk about some email they’ve received, and chat about some of the criticism they have received online. In the second half of the show, they look at Jonathan Cahn and his book “The Harbinger”.

Show #032 – Moen

We look at an email that was sent from one of our friends and listeners. This listener leads us to a website where we look at a post by Skip Moen. In this post Moen interacts with a track that was given to him, and responds to its five points. Is Dr. Moen on the … Read more