Show #085 – Repentance

The guys touch on several various topics including Aramaic Primacy and “Becoming” a jew. The main topic is repentance. What is it? Does it actually mean to turn from sin?

Show #086 – Kosher

The guys discuss Mark 7:19, Acts 10 and the talk about keeping a kosher diet today.

Show #094 – The Apocrypha

Did the Apocrypha play an important role in the 1st century? should it be in our Bibles? What place does it have in the life of a believer today? Plus we open the RCShow mail bag and answer questions with Tim Hegg.

Show #102 – Standard Arguments (Acts 15)

We discuss our time at the SBL. We respond to a comment on YouTube regarding our show on Hebrew Roots. Our main focus is an article by International Christian Zionist Center titled “As Gentile Believers, How Should We Then Live?” In the article the author touches on many of the standard Scriptures and poses the … Read more

Show #101 – Food Offered to Idols

The guys are in Atlanta GA at the Society of Biblical Literature and welcome Tim Hegg and Gary Springer on the show to discuss food offered to idols

Show #100 – Hebrew Roots

This week we talk about Hebrew Roots. Are we part of it? Is it different than Messianic Judaism? Should we reject this title?

Show #099 – Response

The guys discuss a slew of emails and comments that have come in over their last show about Shapira. We also look at a comment by someone on Steve Berkson

Show #098 – The Gospel and Kabbalah

We continue our discussion from the past two shows in which we look at rabbinic writings. This week we look at the Zohar and some of the later mystical works.