Show #097 – How Much Tradition?

The guys continue the discussion that was started last week on Mishnah and Talmud. Should believers in Yeshua incorporate Jewish tradition into their lives? If so, how much?

Show #096 – Dating Rabbinic Lit

We begin to look at Itzhak Shapira’s work Return of the Kosher Pig. In this first installment we discuss the dating of various rabbinical works

Show #095 – Movie Review

The guys review two movies that are gaining popularity. Rob looks at “Killing Jesus” and discusses its historical accuracy. Caleb looks at “Patterns of Evidence: The Exodus” and looks at some of the information that is presented in this film.

Show #092 – Mail Bag

Main topics include, Rosh HaShanah, is it really a new year? Tashlich service, is it pagan? The prayer book, which one should we use? Is the Shema literal or metaphor?

Show #091 – September 2015 (CERN)

The Messianic and Christian world are buzzing with various ideas about what might happen in September of 2015. Blood moons, Cern, Pope Francis and the beginning of the Shemita year, according to some, signal large events in this month.

Show #090 – Disagreement Day

We once again invite my father Tim Hegg onto the show to hash out some issues we disagree on. Included, the term “rabbi” in the fist century, Yeshua as a Pharisee, Circumcision in the first century, conversion in the first century.

Show #089 – Tim Hegg Q&A

Rob has the week off, so Caleb invites his father to sit in and answer questions. Questions cover a number of topics including, Is the Masoretic text reliable? Is the Holy Spirit ever given to unbelievers? God saying he would have given David Saul’s wives, Steve Berkson claims that the Jesus that the church believes […]

Show #088 – Conversion

We discuss the Ohio Decalogue stone and keystone found in Ohio. Then w look at a snippet from an FFOZ Messiah journal. The conversation quickly shifts to conversion in the first century. Was there a ritual for such an act? Was it standardized?

Show #087 – Animal Sacrifices

The guys begin by looks at an email that speaks about last weeks show. Then the topic changes to animal sacrifice. Are they still applicable today? Will we do them in the millennium? Didn’t Yeshua’s death on the cross end all animal sacrifice?

Show #084 – Top 10 Distractions

We look at some email sent in that touches on our last show. We then move to the top ten distractions (as seen by us) in the Messianic movement.