Messiah Matters Season 1 Archive

Show #001

We talk about dispensationalism

Show #002

We discuss the New Covenant

Show #003 Calendar Issues

Show #004 Paleo Hebrew

In this episode we interview Dr. Michael Brown who has his Ph.D in Near Easter Languages. We discuss the claim that Paleo Hebrew carries extra meaning because of Hebrew word pictures.

Show #005 – First Century Languages

Show #006 – Colossians 2 and Prayer

Show #007 – Blood Moons

Show #008 – The Name of Yeshua

Show #009 – Hermeneutics

Proper hermeneutics are discussed

Show #010 – Piper Vs. Wright

Show #011 – Calvinism VS Westleyanism

Show #012 – Dr. Brown

We interview Dr. Michael Brown on Paleo Hebrew and the formation of Biblical Hebrew

Show #013 – Interview with Dr. Martin Abegg

We interview Dr. Martin Abegg on the Dead Sea Scrolls and 4QMMT. Specifically we talk about the phrase “Works of the Law.”

Show #014 – Deity

Show #015 – One Torah

Show #016 – One Torah 2

Show #017 – One Torah 3

Show #018 – One Torah 4

Show #019 – Chronology of the Passion

Our yearly discussion on the chronology of the Passover

Show #020 – Passion Chronology 2

We bring Tim Hegg on the show to discuss the passion chronology

Show #021 – Oral Torah

Show #022 – Circumcision

Show #023 – Circumcision in the 1st Century

Show #024 – Jim Staley

We interview Jim Staley of Passion for Truth over his debate on the Sabbath with Chris Rosebrough

Show #025 – Interview with Chris Rosebrough

We interview Chris Rosebrough on his debate with Jim Staley about the Sabbath.

Show #026 – Shevuot

Show #027 – Orthodox Judaism

Show #028

Show #029 – Amillienialism

Tim Hegg, Rob Vanhoff, Ariel Berkowitz and Caleb Hegg all sit down to discuss amillenialism.

Show #030 – UMJA 2014

We discuss the 2014 annual conference of the UMJA.

Show #031 – Messi Antics

Some of the sensational and wrong theologies that plague the Messianic Movement today are discussed.

Show #032 – Moen

We look at an email that was sent from one of our friends and listeners. This listener leads us to a website where we look at a post by Skip Moen. In this post Moen interacts with a track that was given to him, and responds to its five points. Is Dr. Moen on the right track? Should we challenge the these five major points of Christianity? Is Yeshua’s death on the cross the only way of salvation, or is there another way? Rob and Caleb talk about these issues and more on this weeks Rob & Caleb Show

Show #033 – The Harbinger

The guys talk about some email they’ve received, and chat about some of the criticism they have received online. In the second half of the show, they look at Jonathan Cahn and his book “The Harbinger”.

Show #034 – Breaking Fellowship

The guys talk about unity within the Messianic movement. Should we strive for unity with those we disagree with theologically? How far off base does a person have to be before we say I can’t fellowship with you? Later in the show the guys talk about the Hebrew Language. Is it a “holy” language? Or did God write His Torah in common human language?

Show #035 – John 3

The guys discuss John 3. Was Yeshua speaking Hebrew, Aramaic, or Greek to “the teacher” of Israel? The answer might surprise you. Then the guys switch directions and talk about the 39 Melachot (sabbath laws) in the Mishnah. Should these laws be followed by believers? Do we have any evidence that Yeshua kept or rejected such laws? These topics and more on this weeks Rob & Caleb Show.

Show #036 – Interview with Skip Moen

The guys welcome Dr. Skip Moen onto the show to clear up some questions about his theology. Several shows ago the we looked at a blog post by Skip that raised some questions about Dr. Moen’s understanding of Sola Scriptura, the virgin birth, but perhaps most importantly, Yeshua’s atoning work on the cross. Listen in as Rob and Caleb talk to Dr. Skip Moen.

Show #037 – C.S. Lewis

Almost every week the guys talk about their good friend Adam Smith. This week they invite Adam on the show to talk about C. S. Lewis. Adam has been doing some personal study to try and get a better handle on what C. S Lewis believed and what his theology was. Although many people quote Lewis, and are well aware of his stories, many don’t know what his theology looked like. Join Rob, Caleb and Adam explore C. S Lewis’ and his theological beliefs.

Show #038 – Hebrew or Greek?

The age old debate rages its ugly head again. Were the Apostolic Scriptures (New Testament), and more specifically the synoptic Gospels written in Hebrew or Greek? Or even Aramaic? Isn’t there tons of references by the early church fathers about a Hebrew Matthew, and a Hebrew Gospel written by Matthew? Doesn’t this prove that at least the book of Matthew was written in Hebrew? The guys say not so fast. Find out why Rob and Caleb still believe the Apostolic Scriptures, and even the book of Matthew were written in Greek.

Show #039

Show #040 – Recap

The guys talk about TR Institute’s family camp, and Caleb’s visit to the Independent Messianic Conference. They also recap the summer conferences they have been at. Then they discuss Matthew 23:5ff, and the words Rabbi, Father and leader. Rob takes us on a journey through good VS bad scholarship and some of the claims that are given on the AENT website, and they also discuss the document known as “Q” in scholarly circles.

Show #041 – The English Bible

The guys take a week off, and we dig into the RCShow vault to find a history show by Caleb. Caleb looks at the formation of the English Bible, and the formation of the first three Sola’s.

Show #042 – One Torah

The guys talk, once again, about One Torah theology. There has been alot said recently about One Torah, many people are saying that such a theology is not Biblically founded. Rob & Caleb take these claims head on, and look to the Word to see what it says. Also, can the Torah be broken up in Civil, Ceremonial and Moral? The guys say no! Find out why on this weeks Rob & Caleb Show!

Show #043 – Yom Teruah

The guys talk about Yom Teruah. Some basics and interesting history come up. Then they move to Jonathan Cahn’s new book. Is there any truth to Cahn’s idea of the Shmita year? Does Cahn make good points? Is judgement coming on America? The guys rap up their time by talking about a blog post that just made waves in the Messianic realm.

Show #044

Show #045 – Lunar Sabbath

Rob and Caleb look at this idea of a “lunar Sabbath.” Does this theory hold any weight? What do Scholars say about this theology? What does the Bible say? Should we reckon the Sabbath according to the moon? And most importantly, what did Yeshua do?

Show #046 – Sukkot

The guys take time to reflect on the festival of Sukkot, and talk about what the festival has brought to their minds. They also look at the books they are currently reading, and what they are getting out of them.

Show #047 – Anti-Missionaries

What do we do with people who are leaving the Messianic and Christian faith to go to traditional Judaism? What do we say to the teaching of anti-missionaries like Tovia Singer? Listen as the guys address these issues and more on this weeks Rob & Caleb Show.

Show #048 – (Messianic) "Judaism"

Is Messianic “Judaism” really a part of Judaism? How do we define Judaism today? Does it matter if we are viewed within the larger realm of Judaism? The guys tackle these questions and more, and address some specific emails and a blog post on this subject.

Show #049 – Trinity

The guys welcome Tim Hegg, Caleb’s father on the show to talk about the deity of our Messiah Yeshua. Is Yeshua God? What does the Bible say about this theology? Is the “trinity” a Biblical doctrine? Or an invention of the Catholic Church?

Show #050

Show #051

Show #052 – ETS/SBL

The guys are in San Diego for the Evangelical Theological Society, and Society of Biblical Literature annual meeting. This week they record from their hotel room, and bring Gary Springer and Tim Hegg onto the show to discuss what the conference has been like, and some of the interesting papers they have seen.

Show #053