A Study on the Festival of Shavuot


Episode 4

Festival Special! A Study on the Festival of Shavuot

Show Notes

Shavuot begins tonight at sundown! We hope your 49 days of counting the omer have been fruitful for you, your family, and your community.

In this study, Tim Hegg gives us a brief overview of Shavuot—it’s meaning and significance for us, the disciples of Yeshua.

This discussion was recorded during Shabbat Service at Beit Hallel in Tacoma, Washington. Once again, the audio is not the best, but the content is jam packed full of good insights and information. We hope you are blessed by it.

Chag Samaech!
Happy Festival of Shavuot!

A Study on the Festival of Shavuot (PDF)

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