Our Identity in Messiah (Part 1)


Episode 6

Are Jewish people more important than non-Jews? Do non-Jews become Jews once they are believers?

Show Notes

In our study today, Tim Hegg examines the identity of the believer in Scripture and concludes that this identity is found, not in a denomination, but rather, “In Messiah.”

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In this 5-part lecture series, Tim Hegg looks at the place and identity of each person in the body of Messiah. Hegg challenges the suggestion that there are different roles for Jew and Gentile by first looking at Paul’s phrase “In Messiah.” Tim then looks at the doctrinal issues that often trip people and groups up within Torah communities.

This is a very relevant word for today as more and more people in the “Messianic Movement” desire to convert to Judaism in order gain Jewish identity.