2022 Summer Classes

2022 Summer Classes$0.00

This summer TorahResource is offering two online classes that consist of one pre-recorded lecture per class. The lectures open to all who would like to attend and participate—for FREE!

Classes will be released on Monday, August 1, 2022.

Playing Baal in Ancient Israel: Facts and Fictions about the “gods”

Instructor: Rob Vanhoff

Was “Baal” a real “elohim”? Is he still? What are we to do with stories of the ba’alim and other so-called deities from the Bible and Ancient Near East? Doesn’t Canaanite and other extra-biblical literature influence how we read the Bible? This presentation will seek to provide disciples of Yeshua the Biblically sound framework for addressing these questions.

– The Hebrew term בעל (baal)
– The Torah and Ancient Canaanite Poetry and Myth
– Baal and the Hebrew Prophets
– Portrayals of Baal in the Second Temple Period and Beyond
– Paul’s view of Idolatry and the “gods” and “demons” of Nations

Grace and Peace in the Apostolic Scriptures: What the biblical terms actually mean.

Instructor: Tim Hegg

A survey of the uses of the terms “grace” and “peace” in Greek and Hebrew. Tim will consider how these words are used in the Priestly Blessing of Numbers 6:24–26, their connection to the sacrificial offering and as a foreshadowing of the ultimate and final offering of the Lamb of God. He will then investigate the biblical meaning of “grace” in the Tanach: חֵן (chein) as “grace” and “favor” and in the Apostolic Scriptures as a gift of God, not something a sinner can earn or purchase. Finally, Tim will survey the texts in the Apostolic Scriptures which utilize the combination “grace and peace”.