Delight in the Shabbat

Delight in the Shabbat
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Delight in the Shabbat – Presented by TorahResource

In a world that often whirls in a constant rush, finding rest and rejuvenation can be a challenge. “Delight in the Shabbat,” a carefully curated bundle of resources offered by TorahResource, beckons you to embrace the ancient practice of the Sabbath and discover the unparalleled joy that awaits within its embrace. As believers who have embraced Yeshua as our Messiah and Savior, we are invited to remember our heritage and engage in the sacred tradition of the Sabbath.

The Significance of Shabbat: Unveiling the Heart of Israel’s Heritage

This bundle serves as your guide to reclaiming the essence of Shabbat, a day consecrated for rest, reflection, and reconnection. As inheritors of the blessings promised to Abraham (Rom 4:11–12; 11:17), we stand united with the rich history of the olive tree, where faith and tradition intertwine. “Delight in the Shabbat” reveals the profound unity that exists between those who follow Yeshua and the ancient roots of Israel.

Journeying Through Time: Exploring Timeless Traditions

Dive into the heart of the Shabbat experience with resources that provide insight into the traditions cherished by generations of believers. These time-honored practices have survived through the ages, and some were undoubtedly embraced by Yeshua and His disciples during their Sabbath observances. Immerse yourself in the atmosphere of the synagogue, where Yeshua Himself often found solace and inspiration (Luke 4:16).

Walking in the Footsteps of Yeshua: Embracing the Sabbath Light

As followers of Yeshua, we follow in His footsteps not only spiritually but also in our practices. Just as He honored the Sabbath, so did His devoted disciples (Luke 23:56). “Delight in the Shabbat” encourages you to celebrate this weekly day of rest, seeking the same light and joy that illuminated the lives of Yeshua and His followers.

With a collection of resources that span historical insights, practical guides, and spiritual reflections, “Delight in the Shabbat” invites you to set apart this sacred day, immersing yourself in its sanctity and uncovering its transformative power. Discover the joy of Sabbath, the unbreakable bond between past and present, and the enduring legacy that connects us all.

Product Bundle Includes:

  • One Shabbat Morning Siddur (128 pages in softcover) with Hebrew, English, and transliteration.
  • One Erev Shabbat Siddur (46 pages in saddle stitched paperback) with Hebrew, English, and transliteration.
  • One 32-page booklet that describes the significance of the traditions.
  • One DVD filled with videos, audio, and music to learn traditional songs and prayers.
  • One Audio CD, in MP3 format, with the traditional blessings sung in Hebrew.