Delight in the Shabbat

MP3 Art - delight in shabbat
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For those of us who have grown up celebrating the Shabbat, we know the deep joy and excitement that this weekly form of worship brings. The Sabbath is to time as money is to tithing. Thus, it is an overwhelming joy to give God something He has asked for. Beyond this, the Sabbath is a wonderful time of reflection on the Messiah Yeshua, a time to spend with family, and a time to spend in the Word. This interactive DVD helps those who have questions to become acquainted with some of the traditions that have been celebrated from ancient times on Shabbat


A DVD filled with videos, audio, and music to learn traditional songs and prayers.

One Audio CD in MP3 format with the traditional blessings sung in Hebrew.

A small booklet that describes the significance of the traditions.

An Erev Shabbat Siddur (prayer book) with Hebrew, English, and transliteration so anyone can follow along.

A Shabbat Morning Siddur (prayer book) with Hebrew English and transliteration to see the richness in the traditional prayers.