The Bible and Ethnicity: Addressing Contemporary Concerns About Race from the Word of God (Class)

Class Registration$39.99

Instructor: André-Philippe Therrien

Dates: Summer 2021: August 10-September 6, 2021

Requirements: You do not need to be enrolled at TR-Institute to take this class. You simply need access to the internet and the ability to read and write.

Estimated Time: Each week will have two lectures to listen to that will be approximately 1 hour long. Those taking the class will also be able to interact on the forum and may have some light reading. The estimated time for students each week is approximately 3 hours.

Class Description: This four-week class will begin by looking at morality from a non-biblical worldview in contrast to a biblical worldview. The focus will then shift to the Abrahamic covenant and the promised seed. From there, we will look at what the Bible says about God’s people, who they are, and what the Gospel requires of us. And finally, a look at the modern landscape of race relations with a focus on critical race theory and God’s justice for humankind.