A Response to the Spring/Summer 2008 Issue of “Kesher”

by Tim Hegg
In this 25 page article, Tim Hegg looks at a 2008 issue of Kesher which focuses on Soteriology (the way in which God saves His elect). Within this article Hegg challenges the views from leading Messianic teachers on their understanding of  eternal salvation and relies upon the Bible itself to make his case.
Hegg responds to articles in this issue of Kesher written by

Daniel Juster (“The Narrow Wider Hope”), Stuart Dauermann (“What is the Gospel We Should Be Commending To All Israel In these Times of Transition”)

Derek Leman (“Those Who Do Not Obey the Good News of Our Lord Yeshua”)

Mark S. Kinzer (“Final Destinies: Qualifications for Receiving an Eschatological Inheritance”)

Scott Nassau (“Shavuot and Its Impact on a Messianic Soteriology”)

David Sedacca – (“Salvation and the People of Israel: Harmonizing a Soteriological Delemma”)

Arnold G. Fruchtenbaum (“The Condition of Salvation for Jews and Gentiles in this Age”)

Avram Aumick, Ralph E. Finley, Elliot Klayman, Howard Silverman (“The Essential Need for Salvation through Messiah Yeshua”)
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