A Response to the article, “Sola Scriptura” by Jacob Fronczak, Messiah Journal #111 (FFOZ, 2012)

by C.M. Hegg
The doctrine of Sola Scriptura holds that the 66 books of Scripture are the sole and final authority for all matters of faith and practice within a believer’s life. Within the Torah movement today, many are beginning to challenge this doctrine. Some have suggested that rabbinic works, such as the Mishnah and Talmuds, carry divine authority. In this article Caleb Hegg responds to an article by Jacob Fronczak at FFOZ, in which Fronczak suggests this doctrine to be false. Hegg begins by showing Fronczak does not understand the doctrine he is criticizing. In conclusion, Hegg shows that the doctrine of Sola Scriptura is important and also biblical.
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