Three-Year Certificate Program Application / Financial Assistance Application

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Certificate Program – Each student enrolled in the Certificate Program will need to be able to read and write proficiently, have access to the internet, and listen to audio lectures. Students are accepted on a case by case basis and every student who receives a certificate will need to profess faith in Yeshua the Messiah and live a life that reflects this faith.

Scholarship or Financial Aid Request – If you are requesting to be considered for sponsorship or a scholarship please complete the requirements listed below for the certificate program (even if you are not intending to receive a certificate).

APPLICATION REQUIREMENTS for all certificate program applicants and financial aid requests: The following items must be in the applicant’s file before it can be forwarded to the Admissions Committee:

1.Completed Application for Admission

2. Three Letters of Recommendation (from each of the following): • A member of leadership in your faith community (This could be an elder, deacon, rabbi, parent, etc. — at least 1 letter) • Personal (at least 2 separate individuals).

Letters of recommendation can be filled out online. Please copy this URL ( and email it to three people to fill out.

Applications for Certificate Program also require: An Autobiographical Essay (3-4 double-spaced typed pages) under the caption: Why I Wish to Attend TorahResource Institute, which will include a description of your life, ministry, abilities, career objective, and personal growth emailed to

(If you would like to download and print this application, you can do so by clicking here)

Three-Year Certificate Program Application

  • Biographical Information

  • Educational History

  • Ethnic Background

  • Personal Information

  • TorahResource Institute Academic Policy and Core Values are published in our catalog. By agreeing to this statement I am stating that I have read, understand, and if I am admitted as a student, I declare the following: I am in agreement with the Core Values of TorahResource Institute and will seek to uphold them. I am in agreement with the doctrinal statement of TorahResource Institute. I will abide by the Academic Policies of TorahResource Institute. I understand that students found to be in violation of the above-stated values and policies are subject to disciplinary actions up to and including dismissal from enrolled courses and programs.
  • I understand that normally all tuition must be paid prior to the start of class. I further understand that if payment options are granted that all tuition must be paid by the end of each course or no credit will be awarded for that course.