Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

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General Questions

Q: What time of the day will I need to log into TorahResource Institute in order to listen to the class for which I’m enrolled, and participate?

A: Nearly all of the classes at TorahResource Institute are pre-recorded. (Language classes may require a weekly online, live class.) Generally, you will be required to download the audio or video file for the week’s class and listen to the lecture on your own schedule, so there is no set time for you to log in. However, assignments will need to be completed (including listening to or watching the class lectures) in a timely fashion in order to complete the weekly assignments as required.

Q: Is TorahResource Institute an accredited degree-granting institution?

A: Currently TorahResource Institute is not an accredited school.

As an academic institution, we build our programs based upon the generally accepted standards of theological schools in the United States. Currently, government accrediting bodies are requiring schools they sanction to conform to new government laws relating to gender identification and other sexual orientation issues. Therefore, unless these government requirements change, it is highly unlikely that in the future TorahResource Institute will seek accreditation at the state or federal level.

Q: What type of certificate will be given to those who complete courses before TorahResource Institute is fully accredited?

A: We will give a Certificate of Completion to students who successfully complete all of the necessary course work for the certificate program. Our goal is to educate Leaders and Teachers, not primarily to gain the recognition of accrediting institutions. Yet with this perspective well in mind, we are committed to the same or even higher educational standards required for accreditation.

Q: Who may enroll in classes at TorahResource Institute?

A: Since TorahResource Institute classes are taught at the college and masters levels, students are generally required to have graduated from high school to enroll in the certificate program (we are glad to welcome homeschooled graduates). Anyone can take individual classes although they should be aware of the level at which these classes are presented. For those students enrolling in the certificate program, it is advisable to have completed at least two years of college and preferable to have earned a bachelor’s degree (although neither of these are required). Those who enroll at TorahResource Institute must also profess a personal faith in Yeshua Messiah and have a lifestyle consistent with their profession of faith. In order to be awarded a certificate, one must also agree with our doctrinal statement.

Admission requirements will not be based upon gender or race.

Q: How will the online classes be conducted?

A: Classes will be conducted through this website. We use a Learning Management System (LMS) that works seamlessly with our website backend platform. This LMS is built based on deep learning industry experience and is trusted by Fortune 500 companies, major universities, training organizations, and entrepreneurs worldwide for creating their online courses. For TorahResource Institute, this LMS serves as a course management system for teachers and learners that is rich in features and is set up around tried and tested methods of distance learning. It enables students to clearly understand course objectives and requirements, stay on target to meet academic and program goals, stay informed of news and events, and interact with instructors as well as fellow students.


Enrollment Specific Questions

Q: If I enroll in the Certificate Program, does this mean I must finish the program in the time frame as set forth for the Program, or can I take longer? For instance, may I take fewer courses each quarter, meaning it may take me four or five years to complete the Program?

A: Yes, students may take longer to complete the certificate program, in accordance with their schedules, finances, etc. However, you should be advised that the quarter in which classes are offered may vary, meaning you may have to wait for a required class to be offered before you can complete your Program.

 Q: May I enroll in classes I choose rather than being tied to the Certificate Program?

A: Yes, you may choose to enroll in a class or in classes independent of being enrolled in the Certificate Program. However, if you anticipate the possibility that you might eventually want to complete the Certificate Program, you should declare such intentions at the beginning of your studies at TorahResource Institute so that the classes you do complete will qualify for the Program.

Q: Do I have to pay for the class or classes in which I enroll all at once, or may I make weekly or monthly payments to pay for the tuition and course fees?

A. Yes, you may make monthly payments for tuition and class fees. However, the full tuition and fees for any given class must be made by the end of the 9th week of the Quarter. Students who have outstanding balances for tuition and/or fees will not be allowed to take final examinations, and final grades will not be given until tuition and/or fees are paid in full.

Q: Will TorahResource Institute be offering any scholarships or financial aid for students who are unable to pay tuition and/or class fees?

A: We do offer scholarships as well as some financial aid. A student will need to request a scholarship or financial aid, and the determination for those students who qualify for either will be made on a case-by-case basis. The application form (available here) for the certificate program will also be used for requesting financial aid. Students need to complete the part of the application required for the certificate program even if they do not intend to complete the certificate program, to receive scholarships and/or financial aid. You will need to include the application, letters of recommendation, academic transcripts, and an autobiographical essay (to include your circumstances for needing financial aid).

Q: Will TorahResource Institute have required textbooks for sale, or will I need to purchase them elsewhere?

A: Textbooks for most classes must be purchased from other sources than TorahResource Institute. Instructors will indicate booksellers that carry the required textbook for the course they are teaching. Some of the textbooks will be available directly from the TorahResource online store.

Q: What if I have unexpected situations during the Quarter which prevent me from completing the class requirements? Will tuition and/or fees be returned and will I be able to take the class over without penalty?

A: Certain contingencies will be accepted as sufficient reason for not completing the class, and upon acceptance, a refund or credit of tuition may be granted. A request in writing for such a refund will need to be initiated by the student requesting a refund. There is always a student admissions fee of $50 that is not refundable.

Q: Are the lectures in audio format or video format?

A: All of the classes except for language classes (Hebrew & Greek) are in audio format. The language classes are in video format, as teaching a language often requires a visual component as well as an audio component.