Commentary on the Gospel of Matthew Podcast

Rembrandt's Head of Christ

A verse-by-verse study with TorahResource President and Instructor, Tim Hegg.

The Commentary on the Gospel of Matthew Podcast is an extensive and in depth study which examines this important book from a different perspective. Tim Hegg approaches the text from the understanding that Yeshua did not “do away with” the Law (Torah), but rather, upheld and preached it. Hegg separates from the traditional Christian view of the Tanach (Old Testament), putting Yeshua back into a 1st Century, Jewish context. Each week, Tim Hegg will take listeners through verse-by-verse lessons in the Messianic Jewish Gospel of Matthew. Join us!

These audio sessions were recorded during Shabbat Services at Beit Hallel, a congregation of believers in Yeshua the Messiah, located in Tacoma, Washington.

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Podcast Episodes

Matthew 5:33-37

By Tim Hegg | September 21, 2020


Episode 30 – The Fourth Antitheses: Oaths

Matthew 5:27-32

By Tim Hegg | September 14, 2020


Episode 29 – The Second Antitheses: Adultery and The Third Antitheses: Divorce

Matthew 5:21-26

By Tim Hegg | September 7, 2020


Episode 28 – The First Antitheses: Murder

Intro to the “Six Antitheses”

By Tim Hegg | August 31, 2020


Episode 27 – An Introduction to the the “Six Antitheses” found in vv.21-48.

Matthew 5:19-20

By Tim Hegg | August 24, 2020


Episode 26 – Yeshua’s perspective on the Torah – Part 3

Matthew 5:18-19

By Tim Hegg | August 17, 2020


Episode 25 – Yeshua’s perspective on the Torah – Part 2

Matthew 5:17

By Tim Hegg | August 10, 2020


Episode 24 – Introduction to Yeshua’s perspective on the Torah.

Matthew 5:13-16

By Tim Hegg | August 3, 2020


Episode 23 – Yeshua’s Illustrations from Salt and Light.

Matthew 5:8-12

By Tim Hegg | July 27, 2020


Episode 22 – The Beatitudes Conclusion.

Matthew 5:5-7

By Tim Hegg | July 20, 2020


Episode 21 – The Beatitudes Continued.

Matthew 5:1-4

By Tim Hegg | July 13, 2020


Episode 20 – Introduction to the Sermon on the Mount.

Matthew 4:21-25

By Tim Hegg | July 6, 2020


Episode 19 – The call of the first disciples continued and Yeshua’s Galilaean preaching tour.

Matthew 4:11-20

By Tim Hegg | June 29, 2020


Episode 18 – The beginnings of Yeshua’s Galilaean ministry and the call of the first disciples.

Matthew 4:4-10

By Tim Hegg | June 22, 2020


Episode 17 – The temptation in the wilderness.

Matthew 3:17-4:3

By Tim Hegg | June 15, 2020


Episode 16 – Yeshua’s mikveh continued and the temptation in the wilderness.

Matthew 3:15-17

By Tim Hegg | June 8, 2020


Episode 15 – Yeshua’s mikveh

Matthew 3:10-15

By Tim Hegg | June 1, 2020


Episode 14 – The Ministry of Yochanan HaMatbil (John the Baptist) continued.

Matthew 3:4-9

By Tim Hegg | May 25, 2020


Episode 13 – The Ministry of Yochanan HaMatbil (John the Baptist).

A Study on “Kingdom of Heaven” Part 2

By Tim Hegg | May 18, 2020


Episode 12 – The second part of a study on the phrase “Kingdom of Heaven” and Matthew 3:3.

A Study on “Kingdom of Heaven” Part 1

By Tim Hegg | May 11, 2020


Episode 11 – Matthew 3:2 and the first part of a study on the phrase “Kingdom of Heaven”.

Rembrandt's Head of Christ

Why Rembrandt’s “Head of Christ”?

This particular painting was selected for this podcast because Rembrandt’s depictions of Yeshua (Jesus) were not like the Christs seen in the paintings of other famous artists; who would typically portray Him with European characteristics. Rembrandt properly gave the Hebrew Messiah a look that was Middle Eastern. In fact, it is believed that Rembrandt used a young Sephardic Jew as his model for these particular paintings. The Netherlands is known to have a large Sephardic community and Rembrandt did most of his famous work while living in Amsterdam.

See: Rembrandt, Jews and Jesus: Putting Judaism Back in the Picture, Bernard Starr, Huffington Post, 08/19/2013 (Updated 12/06/17)