Special Readings

Throughout the year there are various occasions for Special Readings to be read in addition to, or in lieu of, the regular weekly parashah in both the Annual and Triennial Cycles. The Special Sabbath readings only take place on Shabbat, obviously, and their associated Torah and Haftarah passages are read in addition to the weekly parashah.

The Moedim (Appointed Times) however, may or may not fall on a weekly Sabbath in any given year, but when they do, the corresponding Festival Readings are typically read in place of the weekly parashah. Because these special occasions are dependent on the calendar and not the reading schedules, all of these Special Readings will fall on the same date on both the Annual and Triennial Reading Cycles.

Special Sabbaths

In the Hebrew calendar, certain Shabbats are designated with special names to commemorate events in the history of the Jewish community. These Sabbaths may include some additions to the liturgy as well as additional readings...

Festival Readings

For each of the annual Moedim, or Appointed Times, a special Torah, Haftarah and Apostolic Scripture passage has been assigned to be read in the synagogue whether they fall on a Sabbath or during the week...