Introducing the NEW TorahResource Learning Center.

TorahResource Institute and the Online Library have been combined to create the Learning Center.

The NEW TorahResource Learning Center is an educational environment created to foster spiritual growth through academic excellence and camaraderie with like-minded, Torah observant believers across the nation and beyond. This will be accomplished through the four sections of this website that are listed below.


1. The Library

The library contains most of the TorahResource digital product catalog. This includes hundreds of hours of video and audio teachings as well as articles, commentaries, and books all in digital format. Library membership can be paid monthly or annually. Learn More


2. The Courses

Courses are self-paced which means all the course content is available as soon as a student enrolls. Students can work at their own pace until all of the teaching sessions are completed. Most classes have 10 sessions. Courses do not expire, which means, once a course is purchased, students will have access to the course as long as their account is active. Learn More


3. The Resources

The resources page contains links to articles that are written or recommended by the teaching staff at TorahResource Institute. In addition, students can find more study material and useful links to other academic resources. These resources are free to anyone with an active account. Learn More


4. The Forums

The student forums provide a space for open discussion on topics related to courses, library items, and other Biblical interests. Share thoughts, opinions, and ideas or defend a position—all in the spirit of learning and growth (Proverbs 27:17). All participants must agree to follow the established code of conduct. Learn More

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“Our goal is to offer a quality educational experience that will provide believers with tools for a lifetime of learning. This means we are committed to academic excellence in biblical studies that encourages and enhances the pursuit of godliness.”

– Tim Hegg, President

In 2009, after poor theology and bad doctrine had permeated the Torah movement, Tim Hegg and the staff of TorahResource saw the need for equipping a new generation of Torah observant believers with the skills of studying and teaching the Bible properly. In 2011 TorahResource Institute (TR Institute) was created as an online school with the mission of providing advanced education in Biblical and related studies in order to prepare believers at all levels within the Torah movement.
In 2017, TorahResource launched the Digital Library. An annual subscription gave members access to all audio teachings and lectures produced by TorahResource as well as access to digital versions of most of the books, textbooks, and printed material published by TorahResource. In 2019, video teachings were added to the library making this online archive a tremendous resource for Torah observant believers.
Since its inception, TR Institute classes have followed the academic calendar of a traditional university while delivering courses using modern, distance education methodologies. Now, more than a decade later, as online education models have evolved and as new technologies have made organizing and maintaining distance learning websites easier, we feel it is time to change both the online school and library.
Now, in 2024, TR Institute and the Digital Library are being combined to create the TorahResource Learning Center, an entire library of self-study online learning resources along with eLearning, “evergreen” courses, which means your access to course content will not be time bound.
The main difference between eLearning and online learning is the amount of interaction. Students and instructors interact more during online learning, while eLearning is more self-paced. Although our course offering is self-paced, there will still be opportunities for students to interact with an instructor or staff member.