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Chronology of the Crucifixion

Tim Hegg | PDF (806 KB) | 34 Pages
The Chronology of the Crucifixion is hotly debated every year. In this article, Tim Hegg lays out a chronology that makes the Synoptic Gospels line up with the Gospel of John. Previously, scholars have seen either John or the Synoptics to be wrong. As a result, this has brought the question of whether the New Testament can be claimed to be historically accurate and inerrant. In more recent scholarship, scholars are beginning to realize all four Gospels are harmonious. Most noteworthy, Hegg places John in his first-century context.

Is the Torah Only for Jews?

Tim Hegg | PDF (687 KB) | 67 Pages
In this study I want to deal with a belief not only held by some in mainline Christian theologies, but also heard from teachers within “Messianic Judaism.” This is the view that the Torah is the special possession of the Jewish people, and that many of its stipulations are therefore directed toward Jews, not Gentiles. Those who take this position believe that while the moral aspects of the Torah are universal for all of God’s children, the various stipulations of the Torah which are particularly covenantal are for the Jewish people only, given to them as distinct marks of their unique position in the covenant made with Israel. These could include such things as the Sabbath, Festivals, kosher laws, wearing of tzitzit, and generally all of those things in the Torah which mark Israel out as distinct from the nations. In some cases, non-Jews who wish to obey these aspects of Torah are criticized as taking to themselves those things which belong uniquely to the Jewish people. Furthermore, the teaching that the whole Torah is the possession and responsibility of all of God’s children is labeled as theological error and therefore dangerous for the body of Messiah, because when non-Jews live out Torah, the lines of distinction between Jew and non-Jew are blurred.

Tongues – Some Preliminary Investigations

Tim Hegg | PDF (280 KB) | 28 Pages
In this study on the spiritual gift of tongues, Tim Hegg begins with a study of the word for “Tongues” in the Greek. Hegg explores this word within the Apostolic Scriptures, the Septuagint, in Qumran and more. Hegg then turns to an exegetical study of the Greek word glossa in the book of Acts to better understand its meaning. In addition, Hegg looks at the purpose of the spiritual gift within Acts 2. In conclusion, the focus turns to 1 Corinthians 12-14.

You Shall Not Boil a Kid in it’s Mother’s Milk

Tim Hegg | PDF (524 KB) | 30 Pages
This paper deals with the three Torah texts which prohibit boiling a kid in its mother’s milk, the textual issues that are involved in these three texts, and the rabbinic literature which deals with the separation of meat and milk, based entirely upon these three verses. Hegg shows that there is absolutely no biblical texts which substantiate the rabbinic halachah of separating meat and milk.