Show #153 – Christmas Special

Its the annual Christmas special in which the guys discuss Christmas to investigate the claims that its pagan. In this special, a debate with Zach Bauer and a Christian apologist is looked at. Also 119 Ministries video “Sun Burned” is discussed, and a debate over the choosing of Dec. 25th as Christ’s Birthday.

Looking at 119 Ministries and the Copper Scroll (Part 1): A Response to Jim Barfield

In this hard hitting article, Caleb Hegg looks at the claims by Jim Barfield of the Copper Scroll Project (CSP), and 119 Ministries. CSP has made some fantastic claims concerning the lost treasures of the temple, suggesting they could be found at Qumran. Hegg looks at the claims, along with looking at the Hebrew of the Copper Scroll. Hegg shows that the timeline put forward by CSP and 119 Ministries do not line up. Furthermore, Hegg shows that both 119 Ministries and CSP have totally disregarded the Hebrew grammar within the scroll. Especially relevant is CSP’s total disregard for the opinion of leading archeologists.

Show #065 – Aramaic New Testament

The guys look at YouTube Comments, then read and respond to an email from 119 Ministries. Then the topic of Aramaic Primacy in the Apostolic Scriptures is hit on. Specifically Andrew Gabriel Roth’s work on the “Aramaic English New Testament” is looked at.

Show #061 – The Copper Scroll Project

A new project called The Copper Scroll Project which is led by Jim Barfield has been backed by 119 Ministries. The guys take a look at the new video produced by 119 for the CSP and the major problems that can be seen from first glances.