Do the Seven go to Heaven?

This is a paper investigating the Noachide Laws as presented in the rabbinic literature. The paper shows that the Noachide Laws were never envisioned by the early rabbis as a means for Gentiles to obtain a place in the world to come. In conclusion, Tim Hegg shows that reading these laws back into the New Testament is anachronistic.

Circumcision in the Second Temple Period

In this article, Rob Vanhoff investigates circumcision among various groups within the first century. Vanhoff begins by looking at Acts 15 and the wording used therein. Vanhoff clearly shows that circumcision can not be simply understood as a physical act. Rather, each group carried their own traditions and expectations when conversion was considered. This paper dives deep into the first century and the various beliefs that were held.

Acts 15 and the Jerusalem Council

In this look at Acts, Tim Hegg investigates the theory that the Jerusalem Council concluded that the Torah was not for Gentiles. Many within believing circles today teach that this council was establishing the Noachide laws for the Gentiles. Hegg has written on this specific teaching elsewhere. In this article, Hegg focuses more on what the four laws given to the Gentiles in Acts 15 actually were.