It is Often Said 2000 Years of Christianity Cannot be Wrong

The Church has prospered over the past 2000 years. Clearly God has blessed the Christian Church in many ways. For those in the Torah movement, a common question is often heard. “If the Torah isn’t done away with, how did the Church miss it?” Or perhaps another way it is said is, “how can 2000 years of Christianity be wrong?” In this article, Tim Hegg takes this question head on. Hegg shows the problems with the idea that the Church can be spoken of as a monolithic group. As a result, Hegg contends that if this line of reasoning were true, then the reformation would also need to be questioned.

Historic Christianity and Apostolic Judaism: the Core Difference

In this 10 page article Tim Hegg looks at the differences between historic Christianity, Rabbinic Judaism and what he terms Apostolic Judaism. Hegg defines Apostolic Judaism as those who accept Yeshua; accept the Apostolic Scriptures (New Testament); and accept Torah as defined by Yeshua and His Apostles. Is there really a difference between these three groups? Should there be? Hegg looks at the various groups and where their Biblical approach has taken them.