Show #153 – Christmas Special

Its the annual Christmas special in which the guys discuss Christmas to investigate the claims that its pagan. In this special, a debate with Zach Bauer and a Christian apologist is looked at. Also 119 Ministries video “Sun Burned” is discussed, and a debate over the choosing of Dec. 25th as Christ’s Birthday.

Show #055 – Christmas Special

The guys talk about the history behind Christmas. Is Kirk Cameron right? Should we latch onto Christmas? What about Hanukkah? Where did the tradition of giving gifts come from? Did Hanukkah rip off Christmas? Find out in this weeks show!

Why I Don’t Celebrate Christmas

In Torah Communities there is a great desire to recover what we have lost and jettison the things that “essentially differ” from what God desires. Christmas has such deep cultural roots in the Christian Church that it is difficult to objectively evaluate its origins and assess its true value. This paper looks historically at the holiday, showing how many pagan symbols and practices are actually at its core.