Show #159 – Jews and Jesus

The guys look at an article by a rabbi that was posted on titled “Why Jews don’t Believe in Jesus.” The show looks at the arguments put forth within this article and tests them against the Bible.

Circumcision in the Second Temple Period

In this article, Rob Vanhoff investigates circumcision among various groups within the first century. Vanhoff begins by looking at Acts 15 and the wording used therein. Vanhoff clearly shows that circumcision can not be simply understood as a physical act. Rather, each group carried their own traditions and expectations when conversion was considered. This paper dives deep into the first century and the various beliefs that were held.

Circumcision as a Sign

In the 1st Century CE, circumcision was understood as a sign of being Jewish. But what was the original intent in giving this sign to Abraham? This paper looks at the biblical text, seeking answers to that question.