Mis-Translating John 8:58

Yeshua is 100% man. Of course! But when I go on to assert that He is also 100% God and preexisted the creation of the world, some will slam the brakes. “No way, man. Stop right there! We’re not polytheists!”

Deity of Yeshua

The mystery of Yeshua’s divine nature is clearly taught as a reality in the Scriptures. This short article emphasizes a number of texts that point clearly to the eternal, divine nature of our Messiah, Yeshua. Though this doctrine is increasingly under attack in our times, we must affirm its truth based upon the clear teaching of Scripture.

Greater and Lesser YHVH Heresy: A Response

Some have suggested that Yeshua is a lesser reality of YHVH and by so doing, give an “explanation” to the dual natures (divine and human) of the Messiah. This paper shows the fallacies in such thinking.