Properly Defining Sola Scriptura

Jacob Franczak’s article entitled “The Five Solas: Sola Scriptura” (Messiah Journal #111, FFOZ) proposes to do away with these pillars of the Protestant Reformation beginning with the first of the five, “Sola Scriptura,” Latin for “The Scriptures Alone.” Unfortunately, Fanczak apparently has never studied the Reformers’ own definition of this doctrine, and so he creates his own “straw-man” version and sets out to knock this fabricated scarecrow down. In this short article (2 1/2 pages) Hegg gives the historic definition of “Sola Scriptura” and shows where Franczak has missed the mark.

Show #071 – Dating the Exodus

We begin by looking at an a short entry in Messiah Journal #119 (FFOZ) by Boaz Michael on One Torah theology. Then they shift to a short look at Easter. The main topic is the date of the exodus from Egypt.

Tickling Ears or the Biblical Wow Factor

In this article, Tim Hegg looks at a teaching by D. Thomas Lancaster (FFOZ) in which he finds hidden meaning within Esther. Lancaster suggests that finding the hidden meaning in Esther 9:7-9 prophesied the execution of 10 Nazi criminals. Hegg looks at the method used, and the claims made and challenges this view. In conclusion, Hegg suggests this kind of Bible study is an attempt to find the “biblical wow factor.” Hegg compares various texts of the Esther passage, showing the error of searching out hidden meaning…

Assessment of the Divine Invitation Teaching

This article is primarily a critical review of “One Law and the Messianic Gentile,” Messiah Journal 101(Aug 2009), 46–70, published by First Fruits of Zion. Tim Hegg investigates the Divine Invitation teaching put forth by FFOZ. Divine Invitation teaches that the Torah is for the Jewish people. Gentiles, on the other hand, are not obligated, but invited to keep the Torah. This theology separates the body of Messiah into two groups. Hegg shows this teaching to be biblically baseless.

Review of Boaz Michaels "Tent of David"

In this 9 page book review, Rob Vanhoff looks at Tent of David by Boaz Michael, FFOZ 2013. Vanhoff begins by presenting a short two page article named Slippery When All Wet (found on TR) to show how Michael uses terms without giving a definition. Vanhoff then goes on to look at some of the finer points of this book.