How Does God Forgive Sin

In this article, Tim Hegg looks at how God saves the elect. Hegg begins by defining what sin is, then moves to man’s purpose. This article also deals with what sin does between man and God, and how payment for sin can be made. Hegg also looks at different kinds of sin, and the errant idea that God counts a sinner’s repentance as payment.

Acquiring the Spiritual Skill of Forgiving

In this study on forgiveness, Tim Hegg looks at Ephesians 4:32 as a key verse for understanding what it means to forgive. Hegg looks at how the Messiah Yeshua has forgiven the elect as a model for how believers are likewise to forgive others. This 20 page paper was the foundation for Hegg’s video on forgiveness (which can be purchased in our store). In conclusion, Hegg shows that we as believers are to forgive others before they even ask for forgiveness, and that the spiritual practice of forgiving must be a core characteristic of those who are disciples of Yeshua.