In What Language Were the Synoptic Gospels Written?

This paper looks at the language spoken in and around Israel in the first century, and the claims that Hebrew or Aramaic was the lingua franca of the time. The focus then shifts to the writing of the Synoptic Gospels and what has been titled the “Synoptic Problem.” Caleb Hegg looks at the various claims related to the order of writing and the suggestion of a “Q” document. Finally, the presence of what is known as the Hebrew Matthew, or the Hebrew Gospel is then looked at and its part in the writing of the Gospels. In conclusion, Caleb believes there is solid evidence to suggest the original language these works were written in.

Did Yeshua Converse with Nicodemus in Greek?

Many in modern times believe the Apostolic Scriptures (New Testament) were written in Hebrew or Aramaic. Yet, the manuscript evidence points to Greek as the original language. In this fascinating article, Rob Vanhoff looks at John 3 for clues. Yeshua was an up and coming teacher, and Nicodemus was “the Teacher of Israel,” and thus the language in which they conversed seems obvious. Moreover, the language of the text actually gives us some striking answers to the question of what language they were speaking because the word play only “works” if they were speaking Greek.

Show #035 – John 3

The guys discuss John 3. Was Yeshua speaking Hebrew, Aramaic, or Greek to “the teacher” of Israel? The answer might surprise you. Then the guys switch directions and talk about the 39 Melachot (sabbath laws) in the Mishnah. Should these laws be followed by believers? Do we have any evidence that Yeshua kept or rejected […]

Bible Language Revolution

In this short 4 page article, Rob Vanhoff looks at the progression of Bible translations up into the modern era, pointing out tools we now have for digging deeper into the biblical text. He also mentions computer programs that allow Bible scholars a vast amount of tools for in-depth study of the Scriptures.