Should John 6:4 Be Considered a Spurious Insertion into John’s Gospel?

Michael Rood claims that John 6:4 was added much later after the Gospel of John was written. As a result, Rood believes this scripture is, therefore, a forgery. Rood’s motivation for this seems to be the desire to have a 70 week ministry of Yeshua as set forth in his “Chronological Gospels.” He then offers what he considers to be substantial evidence to support his claim, that the earliest Greek manuscripts do not include verse 4 of John 6, and that the Nestle-Aland Greek New Testament with critical apparatus (27th Edition) gives clear evidence of this. This 3 page article investigates Rood’s claims and shows them to be utterly false and without supporting evidence, including that of the Nestle-Aland critical text. The paper ends with an exhortation for people not to follow his imaginative teachings.