Did God Change His Mind About Food

Many who oppose believers keeping Torah turn to Mark 7:19 as proof that the food laws have been done away with, and thus indicating that the Torah has been abolished. In this verse, Yeshua declares all foods clean…or does He? In this article Tim Hegg shows that the Greek found in this verse is not as cut and dried as many may think. As a result, this verse can have quite a different meaning. Also, looking at the context, Hegg shows that the correct translation of this verse does not have to do with food.

Mark 7:19b: A Short Technical Note

In this 7 page article, Tim Hegg looks at Mark 7:19b and the phrase that many Biblical translations have translated, “Thus declaring all foods clean.” Hegg looks at the Greek syntax in this passage to understand why some of the major English translations have such different versions of the passage.