Can we Speak of the Law in the New Testament in Monolithic Terms

This paper, delivered at the NW Regional ETS Meeting in 1996, explores the possibility that “Law” (nomos in the Greek) may include the so-called “Oral Torah” within the scope of its meaning when used in the Apostolic Scriptures (NT). Examples of adherence to the Oral Torah both by Yeshua and His disciples are included.

It is Often Said: the Law Was Given Only to Condemn

This 7 page article is an expert from the fourth book of Tim Hegg’s series, It Is Often Said. Tim Hegg looks at 1 Timothy 1:3-11 and what Paul means when he says the Law was given to condemn. Doesn’t this prove that we don’t have to keep Torah? Many would say, “yes.” Hegg takes a careful look at this passage and offers a different conclusion.

Matthew 5:17-20: Yeshua’s View of the Law

Matthew 5:17-20 gives to us the clear teaching of Yeshua Himself regarding the Torah. These verses are often referenced when discussing believers and the Torah. Are Torah pursuant believers missing something? Hegg looks at this passage line by line to gain a better understanding.