Matthew 5:17-20: Yeshua’s View of the Law

Matthew 5:17-20 gives to us the clear teaching of Yeshua Himself regarding the Torah. These verses are often referenced when discussing believers and the Torah. Are Torah pursuant believers missing something? Hegg looks at this passage line by line to gain a better understanding.

What Does “Plerosai” (to fulfill) mean in Matthew 5:17?

We often hear people say that Yeshua “fulfilled” the Torah. By this they believe it means “He fulfilled it so we don’t have to do it.” Is this what Yeshua meant when He said that He had come to “fulfill” the Torah and the Prophets? This paper explores the meaning of the word “fulfill” in this text, comparing it with other uses of the word throughout the Scriptures. This article has been expanded in the book It Is Often Said Vol. 1…