Why I’m Leaving the "Messianic" Movement

The titles we use may say one thing to us and another thing to others. This article explores some of the wrong turns those within Torah communities have made. As a result, the titles “Messianic” and “Hebrew Roots” might carry baggage we don’t like. Caleb Hegg expresses some of his frustration with the emerging movement, and the various battles that are being waged. In conclusion, Hegg suggests these titles can do more harm than good. It is our conduct and our relationship with God that matters.

Show #048 – (Messianic) "Judaism"

Is Messianic “Judaism” really a part of Judaism? How do we define Judaism today? Does it matter if we are viewed within the larger realm of Judaism? The guys tackle these questions and more, and address some specific emails and a blog post on this subject.

Duplo Dogma

In this short article Rob Vanhoff looks at the different meanings people place on regularly used words and terms within religious circles and how readers think they should define these terms in their own minds. Vanhoff suggests we all slow down and define our terms before we assume everyone is talking about the same thing.