Looney Tune of a "Sabbath" Moon

In this short article, Rob Vanhoff looks at the teaching of Lunar Sabbath. Those who advocate this theory suggest the Sabbath is reckoned by the moon. Therefore, the Sabbath does not fall on a Saturday, but rather changes according to the moon’s cycle. Vanhoff shows that for such a theory to be true, Israel would have had to undergone “collective amnesia.” Furthermore, Vanhoff shows that the Tanach itself does not support such a theory. Consequently, Vanhoff shows this teaching to be false.

Show #045 – Lunar Sabbath

Rob and Caleb look at this idea of a “lunar Sabbath.” Does this theory hold any weight? What do Scholars say about this theology? What does the Bible say? Should we reckon the Sabbath according to the moon? And most importantly, what did Yeshua do?