Why Nehemiah Gordon is Wrong about the Tetragrammaton (the Sacred Name)

In his paper Tim Hegg challenges Nehemiah Gordon’s conclusions, that he has discovered the ancient pronunciation of the Tetragrammaton, יהוה. Gordon contends that a number of times the scribes of the Aleppo Codex mistakenly wrote the actual vowels of יהוה. They did this, according to Gordon, when ever the Tetragrammaton appears with three vowels, i.e., יְהוָֹה, and from this Gordon concludes that the ancient pronunciation must be Yehovah. Especially relevant, Gordon’s has disregarded a grammatical rule to which the Masoretes adhered, and Hegg points this out from clear examples in the Aleppo Codex itself.

Why Nehemiah Gordon is Wrong about Matthew 23:3

In several articles, as well as in his book, The Hebrew Yeshua vs. the Greek Jesus, Nehemiah Gordon teaches on Matt. 23:3. Gordon teaches that the correct reading of Matthew 23:3 is found primarily in the reading of a single Hebrew manuscript of the Gospel of Matthew. This manuscript is known as the Even Bohan or Shem Tov Matthew. The upshot of Gordon’s assertions is that Yeshua rejected all rabbinic authority and was Himself a Karaite. This paper shows why such an assertion is wrong. Read Gordon’s response, and Tim’s rejoinder to his response.