What’s in a Name? Thoughts on “One Law”

In this short article, Tim Hegg looks at the label “One Law” as a title for a segment of the “Messianic movement” and a particular theological position. Viewing the theology that is put under the title “One Law,” Hegg is able to define the core differences between various groups within the wider “Messianic” movement. As a result, Hegg is able to show clear distinctions between various perspectives within the larger Messianic movement.

Upholding One Torah: Those who Oppose us Still don’t get it!

This short article was written as a response to both the IAMCS Steering Committee and Daniel Juster of Tikkun Ministries International who have recently written public statements attacking One Torah teaching as being contrary to Scripture and promoting Replacement Theology.

Unity of Torah

Is there unity in Torah? Or did God give laws that separate His people? Have you heard things said like…

One Law Movement: A Response to Russ Resnik and Daniel Juster

In this article, Tim Hegg responds to an article entitled “One Law Movements: A Challenge to the Messianic Jewish Community.” This article was written by Russ Resnik and Daniel Juster, who state that the Torah is not for Gentiles, but given to the Jewish people alone. Hegg goes to the Bible itself to test the thesis of this article and shows that it is actually contrary to what the very word of God teaches.