Show #192 – At What Point…?

At what point do we decide to stop engaging in discussions about things like Flat Earth, or Paleo Hebrew Word Pictures? Should we continue to discuss these things? Or are they worthless conversations?

Paleo Hebrew Validity as a Hermeneutical Tool

In this transcript of an interview with Dr. Michael Brown, Paleo Hebrew is discussed. Many within the Hebrew Roots movement think that they can use Paleo Hebrew to find deeper meaning in the biblical text. Dr. Brown has his doctorate in Near Easter Languages, and discusses the script known as Paleo Hebrew. Dr. Brown shows this form of interpretation is not a valid hermeneutic but is based upon false linguistic assumptions.

Decoding the “Paleo” Script Pictures

In this short article, Rob Vanhoff looks at several examples of Paleo-Hebrew throughout the ANE. Vanhoff compares these various examples in order to show that the difference between the languages is not in the script. Therefore, the suggestion that letters written in Paleo-Hebrew have special hidden meaning is false. In conclusion, Vanhoff shows that if the Hebrew font has secret spiritual meaning, then so do all the other Semitic languages that utilized the Paleo letters.

Show #158 – Straw Man

The guys look at various subjects including the idea of addressing theology instead of personal attack, Strong’s Numbers, and a brief look at hyper preterism.

Show #155 – Loose Ends

In this show the guys discuss various topics. Included is a discussion of Hebrew Word Pictures and the false information that is plaguing the Hebrew Roots Movement. Then a look at John 6 and the idea of hard sayings and the disciples of Yeshua being “all in.” Then a look at food offered to idols … Read more

Show #062 – Mixed Bag

A bit of follow up on the Copper Scroll Project is given. A clip on heiroglyphs is presented comically by Rob which highlights how some people view paleo Hebrew. The half time show at the Super Bowl brought a lot of blog posts about the end of the world, but perhaps the most interesting were … Read more

Show #004 Paleo Hebrew

In this episode we interview Dr. Michael Brown who has his Ph.D in Near Easter Languages. We discuss the claim that Paleo Hebrew carries extra meaning because of Hebrew word pictures.