Show #212 – Didascalia Apostolorum

This week we look at an early text (Didascalia Apostolorum) that suggests Yeshua’s Last Supper was on a Tuesday and that His crucifixion was on Friday. Also, we respond to a comment that was left on our Facebook page that takes issue with our last show and the thoughts put forward on 1Cor. 11. Also, […]

Chronology of the Crucifixion (Passion)

The chronology of the crucifixion is hotly debated every year. In this article, Tim Hegg lays out a chronology that makes the Synoptic Gospels line up with the Gospel of John. Previously, scholars have seen either John or the Synoptics to be wrong. As a result, this has brought the question of whether the New Testament can be claimed to be historically accurate and inerrant. In more recent scholarship, scholars are beginning to realize all four Gospels are harmonious. Most noteworthy, Hegg places John in his first century context.