Show #035 – John 3

The guys discuss John 3. Was Yeshua speaking Hebrew, Aramaic, or Greek to “the teacher” of Israel? The answer might surprise you. Then the guys switch directions and talk about the 39 Melachot (sabbath laws) in the Mishnah. Should these laws be followed by believers? Do we have any evidence that Yeshua kept or rejected […]

Did Yeshua Break the Sabbath

Often, believers who begin to follow the Torah do so because of one issue… the Sabbath. The joy and rich tradition of the Sabbath is a blessing to many believers. Yet, those who begin to keep this day might run into the same persistent question: “Didn’t Yeshua break the Sabbath?” A look at the Scriptures tells a different story. In this short article, Tim Hegg goes to the Scripture to show that Yeshua did not break the Sabbath. Hegg shows that the laws supposedly broken by Yeshua are found nowhere in the written Torah, but were only the traditions of men.