Show #152 – Jasher, Enoch and Berkson

The guys look at the book of Enoch and the book of Jasher to ask why they aren’t in our Bibles. Also, a closer look at teacher Steve Berkson and some of the teachings he has put forward.

Show #032 – Moen

We look at an email that was sent from one of our friends and listeners. This listener leads us to a website where we look at a post by Skip Moen. In this post Moen interacts with a track that was given to him, and responds to its five points. Is Dr. Moen on the … Read more

Shifting Sands

In this 25 page article, Tim Hegg looks at a 2008 issue of Kesher which focuses on Soteriology (the way in which God saves His elect). Within this article Hegg challenges the views from leading Messianic teachers on their understanding of  eternal salvation and relies upon the Bible itself to make his case.

So Great a Salvation: Thoughts on the Holiness of God and Our Salvation

A short essay on the holiness of God, derived from the context of Exodus 15:11. This article focuses on believers getting a glimpse of His holiness and how it enables us to see how great our salvation is. As a result, we see the true price Yeshua our Messiah paid to purchased us to be His people.