What is Sanctification?

In this short explanation of sanctification, Tim Hegg builds on the phrase “pursue peace.” Hegg clearly shows that we can see a person’s sanctification lived out in their life. Those who are “pure in heart” will have this show through their lives…

Sanctification: A Short Study

Against the backdrop of mankind’s depravity, this short study notes the utter necessity of God’s work in sanctifying sinners. The significance of this divine work is considered in light of how the Gospel is presented. Tim Hegg challenges the idea that once saved we can sit back and let God do the work. All we need to do is “rely and relax.” Rather, Hegg shows that sanctification is a cooperative effort between the renewed believer in Yeshua and the Spirit of God.

Growing Strong in our Faith

This focused study takes the reader through the means of grace God uses in the process of sanctification. Hegg looks at God’s self-revelation, and His revelation through Scripture. Hegg then moves to communion with God through prayer and the means of strengthening of our faith, and also looks at the strengthening our faith through fellowship in community.