Trembling at the Word

Trembling at God’s word means recognizing that His word is not manageable. It comes to us in the power of the Spirit as an overwhelming call to submission, as something far bigger than we are. It displays the awesome heart of our King, Who has called all of us into covenant relationship with Himself, and Who therefore subdues our puny minds with the grandeur of His omnipotence and eternal wisdom. With humbled hearts we respond to Him, “speak Lord, your servant is listening.” And He responds by handing us His revealed word as honeycomb, and kindly says, “eat all of it.” 

Hermeneutics: A Growing Crisis in the Messianic Movement

Are you hearing Messianic teachers say that we need to submit to “greater Israel” in our pursuit of Torah? Are you curious about the mystical method of interpreting the Bible, formed on the word Pardes (peshat, remez, d’rash, sod), and whether it is a correct way to explore the meaning of the biblical text? Then you need to read this essay.