Show #164 – What’s the Goal?

The RC mail bag is opened and emails are discussed. Included, is there power in the name Yeshua? What is the goal of the RCShow? And some loose ends from last weeks show on Isaiah 53.

Show #163 – Isaiah 53

A look at the anti-missionary teaching on Isaiah 53. Although many might speak with confidence the evidence from rabbinic sources along with the language used tells a different story.

Show #072 – Defending the Faith

We begin by looking at video from Michael Stepakoff where he challenges One Torah theology. Then the conversation moves to Tovia Singer, and outspoken anti-missionary that has made a business of training Jewish people to theologically fight Christians and Messianics. He has also been instrumental in bringing numerous Jewish Christians out of the church and […]

Show #047 – Anti-Missionaries

What do we do with people who are leaving the Messianic and Christian faith to go to traditional Judaism? What do we say to the teaching of anti-missionaries like Tovia Singer? Listen as the guys address these issues and more on this weeks Rob & Caleb Show.