Yeshua and the Hasidic Tsadik: An Exploration into the Theology of the Tsadik

With the rise of Hasidic Judaism, we have seen the emergence of the “tzadik.” This righteous figure leads his flock, enters the thrown room of God,  and presents his followers’ petitions to God. The Tzadik also intercedes for the sins of his people. This sounds awefully familiar! In this paper, Caleb Hegg explores the theological creation of the tzadik. In addition, the question is posed, “Who had it first?” Hegg makes the suggestion that it seems like it came from Christianity. Hegg looks at the striking similarities between the function of the tzadik within Hasidic communities, and the function of Yeshua in Christianity. The similarities are so clear, that in conclusion, Hegg suggests this is not a coincidence.

Kabbalah and the Messianic Believer

In this 19 page paper, Caleb Hegg looks at the history and theology of the Hasidic movement. Hegg sheds light on the basic theological differences between the Messianic movement and the various Hasidic movements today. Are these two religious movements so far apart? Many within the Messianic movement say they are not, but Hegg would like to suggest otherwise.