Women Wearing Tzitzit

Tim Hegg looks at the commandment of Tzitzit (Tassels) as prescribed by the Torah in Numbers 15:37ff, and investigates if this command applies to women. In our modern time, some teachers and ministries have taught that this command is only for men. The argument is put forward that tzitzit are a man’s garment, and that women should, therefore, not ware them. Other teachers and ministries have suggested that Judaism as a whole has deemed tzitzit to be for men and therefore the tradition is set. Hegg begins by looking at various rabbinic witnesses to see how the rabbis have viewed this command throughout the ages. Hegg systematically shows that tzitzit have not always been seen as only obligatory for men. As a result, Hegg suggests that this command according to rabbinic literature is for women as well. In conclusion this paper shows that Judaism does not see this as a cut and dry issue.

The Role of Women in the Messianic Assembly

This paper is the basis for a DVD teaching by the same name (click here to view DVD). In this lengthy article, Tim Hegg looks at what the Scriptures teach regarding the role of women within Torah communities. Hegg begins by looking at God given roles as defined by the Torah. Hegg goes on to investigate what the Apostolic Scriptures (New Testament) teach regarding the role women within the synagogue community. Most noteworthy is Hegg’s investigation into the “controversial” passages in Paul’s writings.