Decoding the “Paleo” Script Pictures

In this short article, Rob Vanhoff looks at several examples of Paleo-Hebrew throughout the ANE. Vanhoff compares these various examples in order to show that the difference between the languages is not in the script. Therefore, the suggestion that letters written in Paleo-Hebrew have special hidden meaning is false. In conclusion, Vanhoff shows that if the Hebrew font has secret spiritual meaning, then so do all the other Semitic languages that utilized the Paleo letters.

Show #155 – Loose Ends

In this show the guys discuss various topics. Included is a discussion of Hebrew Word Pictures and the false information that is plaguing the Hebrew Roots Movement. Then a look at John 6 and the idea of hard sayings and the disciples of Yeshua being “all in.” Then a look at food offered to idols … Read more