Is Enoch Metatron?

Is Enoch Metatro? by Rob Vanhoff Download this article in PDF by Clicking Here

Separating the Most Holy from the Holy

The ‘Veil’ in the Tabernacle and First & Second Temple The purpose of this paper is to investigate the extant data, both biblical and extra-biblical, to determine as far as possible the manner in which the Most Holy Place is separated from the Holy Place in the Tabernacle (mishkan) and subsequent Temples (heichal). Such a […]

Five Arguments Against the Flat Earth

Who would have thought that in our modern world of wireless technologies, satellite communications and space exploration that we would have to address the idea that the earth is flat? Unfortunately, this incredibly false teaching has penetrated the Messianic/Hebrew Roots Movements and is spreading rapidly, misleading many. In this brief article, Spike Psarris refutes the flat earth claim with five easy to understand and carefully explained arguments.

Is the Torah Only for Jews?

This paper is a response to the “Definition of Messianic Judaism” by the Union of Messianic Jewish Congregations. In this study I want to deal with a belief not only held by some in mainline Christian theologies, but also heard from teachers within ‘Messianic Judaism.’ This is the view that the Torah is the special […]

Community or a Congregation? For What are We Striving?

What has become very clear to me in recent days is that many leaders in the Messianic movement have never really grasped the difference between a Torah Community and a Christian Congregation. In other words, one of the reasons that the current Messianic movement so much resembles the Christian Church and why so many Messianic Congregations seek acceptance within Christendom is that most of the leaders in this movement have never been able to think outside of the box of Christian ecclesiology. Or to say it another way, the model we have of a “Messianic Congregation” is essentially the Church model with some different traditions and theological perspectives. The building’s structure is the same, we’ve just put in new windows and replaced the siding. And in some cases, it appears we’ve used vinyl siding.

Hanukkah: Don’t Give Up

One of the messages that is impressed upon us each year as we celebrate Hanukkah is the call to persevere, to not give up when events and circumstances weigh heavy upon us. When we consider how our people must have felt as they suffered at the hands of the foreign governments under which they labored during the Maccabean period, we are strengthen by their courage and perseverance in the face of overwhelming odds. The few stood faithfully against the many, and God gave them the victory…

Hanukkah Means Dedication

In this short paper, Tim Hegg looks at dedication. During the time of Hanukkah, Hegg shows that the primary focus of the Festival is God’s call upon His children not to assimilate into the world…

Is the Name "Jesus" Pagan?

In this article Caleb Hegg looks at the English name Jesus to ask if this name is derived from paganism as some have suggested.