B’rachot b’Kol Yom – Daily Blessings Pocket Size

Pocket Daily Blessings$7.15

This pocket size book contains traditional blessings that occur daily. With the same linear format as the Shabbat Siddur Tehillot HaMashiach, this pocket booklet is perfect to take anywhere. As a result, these common prayers are easy to memorize and hide in your heart. Because this booklet is compact, it is easy to keep in your pocket or purse. Includes Prayers forAttaching a MezuzahBirkat HaMazon (blessing after meals) – Drinking Fruit of the Vine – Drinking Other Liquids – Eating Bread – Eating Foods made from Grain – Eating Fruit from a Tree – Eating Fruit/Vegetables the First Time in the Season – Eating Vegetables – Hearing Thunder – Immersion in a Mikvah – Morning Blessings – Putting on New Clothes – Receiving Good News – Receiving Tragic News – Seeing a Place where a Miracle Occurred – Seeing a Rainbow – Separating Challah – Smelling Spices, Herbs, or Flowers – Traveler’s Prayer