God's Self-Revelation

God’s Self Revelation: A Course in Theology Proper – Book

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The question of who God is has been at the forefront of society since time began. For believers, the question is more about how God has revealed Himself in Scripture. Yet, as we read, we begin to realize that we are limited in our own understanding. In this course on Theology Proper, Tim Hegg looks at what the Bible tells us about the Holy One. This fascinating study will help you unravel some of the mystery around this age-old question.

Tim Hegg dives into the Scripture to explore the nature of God through His self-revelation to humankind. Included in this study is a look at the person and nature of the Holy Spirit, the existence of God, finding ways to describe God, the noncommunicable attributes of God, and much more.

Author: Tim Hegg
Pages: 132


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