God’s Self Revelation: A Course in Theology Proper

God's Self-Revelation
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Author: Tim Hegg
Pages: 132
Accompanying Audio Lectures: 10

Humankind has forever grappled with the profound question of God’s nature and existence, Messianic teacher Tim Hegg, presents an enlightening exploration in his book “God’s Self-Revelation.” Spanning 132 pages of profound insights, this work dives into the heart of Theology Proper, aiming to uncover the intricate ways in which God has chosen to reveal Himself through Scripture.

At its core, “God’s Self-Revelation” seeks to answer not just who God is, but how He has chosen to manifest His divine nature to humanity. With a rich and engaging style, Tim Hegg takes readers on a captivating journey through the biblical text, peeling back layers of understanding to reveal the awe-inspiring truths about the Holy One.

Limited human comprehension often clashes with the vastness of the divine, yet, this book acknowledges the inherent constraints in comprehending the nature of God. It acknowledges the complexity of the topic, offering readers the humility to embrace the mystery while simultaneously encouraging them to pursue deeper insights.

Drawing upon his expertise as a Messianic teacher, Tim Hegg weaves together a picture of thought-provoking arguments and meticulously researched biblical references. The book provides readers with a comprehensive overview of how God’s self-revelation unfolds throughout the pages of Scripture, from the Tanakh (Old Testament) through the Apostolic Scriptures (New Testament).

But “God’s Self-Revelation” doesn’t stop at simply presenting theological concepts; it also includes 10 accompanying audio lectures that enhance the learning experience. These lectures serve as a bridge between the written word and the spoken word, creating a holistic educational journey for readers eager to delve into the depths of Theology Proper.

For believers and seekers alike, “God’s Self-Revelation” offers a transformative perspective on the age-old question of God’s identity. Tim Hegg’s authoritative voice and meticulous research bring clarity to a topic that often appears shrouded in mystery. By the time readers turn the final page and conclude the last lecture, they will find themselves equipped with a more profound understanding of God’s self-disclosure, ready to navigate the complexities of faith with newfound wisdom and insight

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