Messiah: An Introduction to Christology

Intro to Christology
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Tim Hegg’s The Messiah: An Introduction to Christology is a profound exploration of the central figure in Christianity, Yeshua, and His significance as the Messiah foretold in Scripture. This enlightening book is accompanied by 14 audio lectures, offering a comprehensive and engaging journey into the heart of Christology.

Hegg’s work takes readers on a captivating intellectual and spiritual voyage. The essence of God’s revelation of the Messiah, which reverberates throughout the Bible, is meticulously examined and explained.

Hegg delves deep into the prophetic, theological, and eschatological aspects of the Messiah. With scholarly precision, he dissects the Scriptures to uncover the intricate threads of prophecy that point towards Yeshua’s divine role as the Messiah. Through careful exegesis and historical context, Hegg helps readers grasp the profound implications of Yeshua’s fulfillment of these prophecies.

Tim Hegg’s work extends beyond the bounds of the Bible, offering a captivating survey of first-century beliefs about the Messiah. Drawing upon ancient texts, including the Dead Sea Scrolls, the writings of Philo, and the works of Josephus, readers gain a fascinating glimpse into the general consensus surrounding the coming Christ during the time of Yeshua. This historical context enriches the understanding of Yeshua’s role as the Messiah, providing a deeper appreciation of the cultural and theological backdrop against which He emerged.

“The Messiah: An Introduction to Christology” is not merely an academic discourse; it is a guide to understanding the Messiah’s true nature and mission. Hegg explores the diverse perspectives on who the Messiah would be and what His earthly mission would entail. Through this exploration, readers gain a solid comprehension of how Yeshua aligns with the Messianic expectations laid out in the Scriptures.

Tim Hegg’s book is a beacon of insight for both scholars and everyday believers seeking a deeper understanding of their faith. It serves as a powerful resource for those who wish to fortify their conviction in Yeshua as the Messiah promised by God. With a combination of meticulous research and spiritual reverence, “The Messiah: An Introduction to Christology” illuminates the profound significance of Yeshua in the grand narrative of God’s redemptive plan.

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Intro to Christology $2.00

Messianism in the 1st Century $2.00

Messiah in the Pseudepigrapha and DSS $2.00

Messiah in Early Rabbinic Literature $2.00

The Term Son of Man $2.00

The Term Son of Man & Son of God $2.00

The Term Son of Man, Lord & Shepherd $2.00

Yeshua’s Dual Nature (Tim. 3:16) $2.00

Yeshua’s Dual Nature (Phil. 2:6-11, John 1:1-18) $2.00

Yeshua’s Dual Nature (John 1:1-18 Cont.) $2.00

Yeshua’s Dual Nature (Matt. 13:36-43, 28:19-20) $2.00

John 5:17-26, 8:56-59, Acts 20:28, Titus 2:13 Rom. 9:5 $2.00

The Virgin Birth $2.00

Early Christological Debates $2.00